Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why should I make a mock-up?

Everyone's body is different. The patterns are created to "fit" as many people as possible - but that so-called fit happens because seam allowances are a little wide on the front, back and side seams; or the darts are marked as suggestions only, not as hard-and-fast rules; or the gussets can be exchanged for larger or smaller ones. Or what I consider a size 10 might be what you consider a size 6 or size 16. I don't want you to waste expensive fabric if we are not communicating perfectly.

Also, some of the sewing techniques can be a bit tricky the first
time(s) you try them. With practice they'll work fine, but the first time you put in a gusset, you may not be too happy with me.

Sometimes the way a garment fit historically may not make you happy. The prime example is my Regency corset. These stays are intended to have a VERY wide gap in the back. This upsets some people. If you know it seems too wide from the mock-up, you can widen the back panel. --- Or the bust gussets seem too small, so you use the wider ones. Then you'll discover in your mock-up that the wide gussets don't give you the support you need.

You can often use the mock-up as the lining or interlining of your garment. So if it fits, you haven't really lost anything!

These are photos of the mock-ups for my new pattern,
the Camargo Sash Bustle Drapery.

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