Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Victorian bodice pattern from the Mantua-Maker!

I wish to announce that I have a new pattern finished!
It is now available for pre-orders, to be shipped 7/14/08.

1875 - 1890
Brandy City Bodice

A fashionable everyday bodice.
The bodice may be fitted
or in the Blouse Bodice style.
The lower front may be full length,
opened or closed.
Or it may be draped up,
or cut away in several styles.
The back may be pleated,
gathered, or shirred.
Two lengths coat style sleeves.
Many historical references
and decoration ideas.
Sized 2 - 30, all included.
Price: $22

The photos are of the blouse front version.

Front Photo -- Artwork by Lorina Stephens

Back Photo -- Variations Drawing

To order, please go to

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