Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giveaway ends soon!

Just a reminder that my publisher, Lorina of Five Rivers Chapmanry, is giving away four copies of Elephant's Breath & London Smoke at Goodreads!

The contest ends late tonight!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interesting links

Five Rivers Books on Smashwords - changes are coming to Five Rivers Publishing

The online costume 'zine
has a new issue with many wonderful photos.

Volume 1, Issue 1 is now available for download (in two resolutions)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Color of the Day - Alexandra blue

Alexandra – Born at Copenhagen, Dec. 1, 1844. Daughter of Christian IX. of Denmark and wife of Edward VII., king of England, whom she married March 10, 1863.
Century Cyclopedia of Names, 1904

Alexandra blue, 1863 – The beautiful colour which has received the name of Alexandra blue,
What-Not, April 1863

Alexandra blue, 1872 – It is worth noting that ultramarine, in a very deep shade (when it borrows the name “Alexandra,” “royal,” &c., according to the period), is one of the most unbecoming colors that can be placed near the face in masses. Its brilliancy lends a yellow hue to the skin, while its deepness withholds the gray shadows cast by pale blues, which are so valuable to delicate complexions: it should be shunned alike by the florid and the fair.
Every Saturday, November 16, 1872

excerpt from: Elephant's Breath & London Smoke
A Dictionary of Color in History
edited by Deb Salisbury
Available at