Friday, July 11, 2008

Trials and Tribulations on the new pattern

Well, the new pattern has come back from the printers, and it has a cosmetic problem. The text on some places has slid around. Not everywhere, mind you, just here and there.

Now this is a side effect of my new collaboration with the printers. Instead of printing them out at 1/4 scale on my "new" printer (*don't* buy a cheap Dell printer, even though they *say* the output is good), and having the printers enlarge it, flaws and all, I now email the patterns to the printers full scale. The problem is, what shows on my screen is *not* what prints out, though only the text is affected. Scaling problems, software differences.

So, even when I *think* I have everything fixed, I don't. Sigh. Five copies down the drain. I'm considering offering them to my website customers at the wholesale discount, just so I don't throw them away.

Anyone have an opinion?

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