Thursday, May 22, 2008

New bodice patterns coming soon!

Well, I did go sew, but not on my walking skirt. I realized I had a basque sitting on my sewing table that I *must* finish (or I'd never get around to it) before I started the skirt. Now I have three bodice patterns ready to roll, as soon as I hear from my last proof-reader, Suzanne Garcia, a very dear, and *very* busy friend.

I want to share with you here the bodice I just finished in my best fabric. This is the You Bet Bodice, and it is made in the ballroom version out of the most gorgeous teal-green, dragon and phoenix encrusted silk. It fits over any size bustle, which quite honestly amazed me - I thought that the back would cling too close to the hips. I made it with the You Bet neckline, but it also comes with a square neckine and a high neck with collar option, and with sleeves.

I'm going to make part of the walking skirt with this fabric, the shirred and scalloped bit. I have just enough left, and that was what inspired me to finish this bodice.

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