Friday, August 22, 2008

New Victorian Overskirt Pattern

I finally managed to take picures of my new overskirt (we are replastering the inside of my house, but that is another story).

This skirt is named after my mom, Dona. In Spanish, Doña means lady or noblewoman, and Madre means mother, so I thought it was very appropriate.

1870 – 1890
Doña Madre

Ideal as a dressy overskirt for
any occasion.
Based on patterns from period sources.
Includes the full text of the original instructions.
Directions for many different styles of draperies.
This pattern has adaptations for the 1883 - 1887 aggressive bustle.
Variations and decoration ideas are included.
Foundation skirt is not included.

All sizes Petite - Full are included.
Price $12

Please have a look at more photos at

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