Monday, June 23, 2008

New patterns are finally online

The new patterns are now on my website. My apologies for being so slow; Texas summers make me feel like cold molasses - stiff and sticky! I like Texas in the spring, I love Texas in the fall. Winters are often quite comfortable. But summer is grim, grimy, gooey. And it is only June! Time to stop whining and start working. ;-)

I have accomplished a little beyond the new patterns. The old 1825 - 1830 Day dress has been revamped so that all sizes 2 - 30 now come in the same pattern.

And I wrote a FAQ for my website! If you have questions I haven't addressed, please let me know.

For the curious, here is a glimpse of my sewing room.

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  1. Good gravy that's fascinating! Looks like a Victorian professor's den! :-)